Coral Beauty
by David Willis


The coral used in this sculpture came from the beaches of the Ryukyu Islands of Japan in the South China Sea. Typhoon Ema used her colossal force to tear the coral from its deep sea bed and deposit it on the sandy shore. My wife, three children, and I, gathered the coral after the storm had passed.

Artist Information for David Willis
727 807 3476

Sculpture Details:

Price: $2,000.00
Width: 9 InchesHeight: 10 Inches
Depth: 9 InchesWeight: 18 lbs
Diameter: 27 Inches
Length: 8 Inches
Type: Abstract Sculpture
Materials: Coral
Subjects: Woman, Head, Figurative, Abstract
Colors: Ivory
Sculptor Register #: A292
Sculpture Certification #: B9000985

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