KEYWORDS;newspaper boy, tobacco fields, U S Marine Corps,singer, student, husband, father, sculptor, painter :ex-pat in Europe for 15 years while painting, sculpting, exhibiting;ex-pat in Asia for 15 years while creating art and exhibiting there as well: exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, with a solo exhibit of 50 coral sculptures: currently living, creating with acrylic paints on canvas, and sculpting in American marble from Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee at our home in Florida.    We have found a place to live and work and enjoy it immensely. I have sculpted in the stones of Europe, gathered large shards from Carrara in Italy, colored boulders from the beaches of Sicily, marble bits and pieces from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, marble from near the Roman ruins in Morocco, gathered Horton Wood stone, made famous by Henry Moore, gathered coral from the beaches of the Ryukyu Islands in the South China Sea, and any other stones we could find fit to carve, all on our travels throughout the world.    And now, I am an American, carving in American marble and happy to be doing so. I built a tea house and then converted it into a sculpting studio, and one of the first things we did when we arrived back in the U S after living abroad so long, was to buy literally tons of marble to work on BIG pieces which was not possible when we lived in tiny houses in the UK and tinier houses in Japan.Even the farmhouse we lived in in Germany wasn't a place for BIG.    I immediately went to work on some one ton and larger marbles and have a dozen in the sculpture garden in front, obscured from the street by bamboo, and large, but not BIG in the back garden along with the larger coral pieces. I still buy marble by the ton but in smaller pieces now. They are no less fun to carve, they just fill a different need.   My wifeof 50 years, Barbara, is my partner. I do the art  and she does the internet. We are delighted to have joined ScuptSite and continue to create as it's so much fun. David Willis