by Dawn Weimer


Dawn read about this poor little 3 week old female Donkey called "Primrose" in the local paper...the donkey had just had it's right rear leg chewed off by some wild dogs up by Golden, Co. and the guy who owned her had brought her to the Colorado State U. Veterinary school. Now what do they do but tell the owner to put her down (that is the classic answer to any equine without the use of a leg)!!! Well, the owner (who looked like a small Santa Claus) just would not take this as the answer so the Vet who was attending called a group located close to Ft Collins who made human prostheses to come and make a prosthesis to fit this little tyke! It worked! So every few months the Vet school would have "Primrose" visit and then be fitted with a little longer prosthesis. Little "Primrose" accepted the prosthesis and grew to adulthood never really knowing that she has a 'peg leg'! She is still alive and well and gets examined periodically to make sure that the prosthesis/leg is not getting should see her play!!! Dawn decided to sculpt "Primrose" and we decided to sell the miniatures, tablesize and lifesize bronzes to help pay the Vet bills...the owner had no resources to do that. We did that very thing and it WORKED! Dawn & I decided to give one of the life size "Primrose" statues (of course with a prosthesis on the right hind leg) to the Vet school as a gesture of our thanks to the CSU Vet School for their wonderful care of our Quarter Horses for the 20 years we raised, trained and sold them. This sculpture is still there so if you are ever at the CSU Vet school in Ft Collins you will see her prominently displayed in front of the Equine center. By the way, Dawn Weimer Studios still has a few of the tablesize and lifesize bronze repolicas available. See Dawn's website for all the info.

Artist Information for Dawn Weimer

Sculpture Details:

Price: $21,000.00 SOLD
Width: 18 InchesHeight: 42 Inches
Length: 54 Inches
Type: Ed No. 15  Year: 2001
State: Public Art, Private
Materials: Bronze
Subjects: Monument, Donkey, Domestic, Animal
Colors: Silver-Gray, Brown (light), Blue (light)
Options: Patinas, Enlargements (size)
Sculptor Register #: A36
Sculpture Certification #: B9000221

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