Jesus and Friends
by Dawn Weimer


Commissioned a Nursing home in Colorado with express purpose of showing Jesus' love for not only the older people who mostly reside in this type of home but also his love for children and ALL of his creatures as there are 6 different animals depicted in this 1 statue! There are also tablesize replicas available and all of Dawn's sculptures are shipped free of charge to anywhere within continental US. Also if you like the little boy with the frog & little dog, you may purchase it by itself in either lifesize or tablesize.

Artist Information for Dawn Weimer

Sculpture Details:

Price: $48,000.00 SOLD
Width: 3 FeetHeight: 7 Feet
Depth: 2 FeetWeight: 600 lbs (approx)
Type: Ed No. 5  Year: 2002
State: Public Art, Private, Commission
Materials: Bronze
Subjects: Religious, People, Monument, Figurative
Colors: Bronze (medium), Bronze (light), Bronze (dark)
Options: Reductions (size), Enlargements (size), Custom Colors
Sculptor Register #: A36
Sculpture Certification #: B9000190

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