Miss Priss
by Dawn Weimer


Now THIS cat weighed only about 8 lbs in real life but this Bronze weighs 30 or more!!! A fat cat...not really...just a LOT of hair! Her tail is swishing to the left so that makes her width as measured. Her body is only about 7 inches wide. Dawn loved cats the most and you can see the movement she sculpted into this magnificent specimen...Dawn had several cats over her lifetime.

Artist Information for Dawn Weimer


Sculpture Details:

Price: $4,800.00 SOLD
Width: 15 InchesHeight: 11 Inches
Length: 24 Inches
Type: Ed No. 20  Year: 1999
State: Private
Materials: Bronze
Subjects: Feline(Cats), Animal
Colors: Cinnamon , Bronze (medium)
Options: Patinas, Enlargements (size)
Sculptor Register #: A36
Sculpture Certification #: B9000444

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