No Free Lunch
by Dawn Weimer


This wildcat/bobcat is lifesize and is looking for her lunch which is in the sculpture...find it if you can! The cat's eyes are dilated and she has just chased and lost the 'lunch' in the form of a mouse OR she smells it and cannot locate the decide! This tablesize bronze is on a rotating base and only 4 remain in the edition!

Artist Information for Dawn Weimer

Sculpture Details:

Price: $9,800.00 SOLD
Width: 15 InchesHeight: 27 Inches
Length: 23 Inches
Type: Ed No. 15  Year: 1995
State: Public Art, Private
Materials: Bronze
Subjects: Wildlife, Feline(Cats), Animal
Colors: Bronze (medium)
Options: Enlargements (size)
Sculptor Register #: A36
Sculpture Certification #: B9000216

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