Voxelar Language
by Priyanka Muthuraman


We as artists always make work about famous people and incidents. But what about the people that build up our everyday lives? We always take things that are not obvious for granted. We assume the things around us have always been this way. What about the buildings we live in? There are always people who work day and night to make sure that our life runs smoothly. The working class is one such category that isn't appreciated. We go about our everyday lives as they go about building it. Our lives run parallel alongside each other. With this piece I tried showing the brutal reality of the working class, represented by their yellow hats, the most significant object. The piece has these objects walking through the plaster and climbing over to form a structure. This piece unlike the other has a video and audio playing alongside. The video is of us going about our everyday lives and the audio is of the workers going about their work. The idea of a duel life and one completely oblivious of the other. When they are out in the world I urge the viewer to look at these tiny negligible problems and change it if possible in the smallest way. We live in a slowly becoming digital era. Everything is digitized and secluded. A sense of company has become our phones and not people anymore. We rely on technology for everything. Although a person sitting right next to us would be talking, we hardly tend to listen and would rather just message someone because that seems a lot easier. We hardly ever use our ears or mouth anymore. We in today's world listen with our eyes and not ears. When asked what the world is made of, we say atoms and molecules. But today I think the world is made of Voxels (3D pixels). This piece represents the long lost part of a gramophone, the listening part. It is made up of small pieces building up to form a whole. The viewer has their ear near the opening to hear tiny whispers within. This is a complicated piece and hence would make the viewer wonder as to why the artist would go through so much trouble to construct something so simple with complicated techniques. Through the piece, my hope is that every one of us would go home and listen and talk to each other while having dinner; maybe that's all it takes to change the scenario of the world today.

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Sculpture Details:

Price: $1,000.00
Type: Abstract Sculpture
State: Private
Sculptor Register #: A548
Sculpture Certification #: B9002020

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