Cycle of Wealth
by Priyanka Muthuraman


The purpose of life earlier was purely based on survival and necessities. Today, it has become all about collecting commodities. We are valued by how much we earn and how much wealth we stack up. The world today is riding the path of overconsumption. The 'Illusion' of a non-existent future that is purely materialistic has made us forget about the 'Reality' that we live in at present. The cycle of life is our passage through time in this universe where we eventually turn to dust and only our name remembered by our dear ones. But what about the cycle of wealth? Where does all this go? This piece shows the cycle of wealth where every plaster bundle within each frame represents objects in general. With these plaster bundles I expect the viewer to associate each bundle with an object of their obsession and question their place in our lives, and the final destination of all these objects as they meet the same fate as ours?

Artist Information for Priyanka Muthuraman

Sculpture Details:

Price: $300.00
Type: Abstract Sculpture
State: Public Art
Sculptor Register #: A548
Sculpture Certification #: B9002019

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