How much do we see around us? Like really see? All of us live in a world where the 'simulacra' is more alluring than the 'actual'. My work so far has dealt with the 'negligibles' in today's world that we so often overlook. Why do we not care about the happenings around us and just look straight ahead?

Essentially, Illusion is everything we identify and perceive in life. What really separates reality and illusion? The reality of the world today is brimming with illusion, a world infused with values of its experience and expression. Reality is the 'Moment' and illusion is the ' idea of that moment'. All the development and progress to an unknown future is like a mirage, whereas the everyday life that we zoom through without a second's thought is the reality that is lost.

 With my current work, I explore this inbetween and cause the viewer to pause and contemplate on this disjunction. By placing the audience in a subtle and silent yet chaotic space where the line between the real and the illusion fades away, causing the viewer to individualize one from the other. Thus hoping that when they are out in the world they would for a second stop to think if they are infact living in the real or an illusion and start making a difference even if in the smallest way possible. I investigate the 'obvious' and envision the 'change'.  The notion of creating the feeling of 'something is wrong... and Why?' is the intention with my work.