Over- Concerned Relatives
by Priyanka Muthuraman


Rumors and gossip play a huge part in today's world. All of us have relatives that just can't stop gossiping about every single action we do. Most of our decision making today is based on what society thinks of it! There was a point in my life where my life choices were being questioned by these very people. All of us have this in some way or another. Gossip among friends, family, coworkers, communities, and we never know what to believe anymore. The idea of the reality is completely lost and the illusion becomes more believable. The thought of the world becoming a place of distrust, where nothing is accepted at first glance anymore and where word of mouth is the governing entity. This piece has a flowing effect to it, with a jute bag trying to hold the foam together, like a net that we through around our information to other people. But somehow these few pieces fall off from the net and eventually develop a life of their own and begin walking into the world, carrying and building on our story. Placing the viewers among the artwork and making them move through these tiny creatures walking around, I urge the viewers to relate this piece to their own lives and contemplate on whether they are on the sending or receiving end of this?

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Sculpture Details:

Price: $300.00 SOLD
Type: Abstract Sculpture
State: Private
Sculptor Register #: A548
Sculpture Certification #: B9002024

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