Steel Buildings: A boon?
by Priyanka Muthuraman


Steel buildings are taking over the world everywhere. The effects that it creates on the environment are being subdued by creating living walls and roofs. But adobe buildings were already a solution to this problem. We create a problem and then try to find a solution for it. The aesthetical beauty of this has blinded us of what was important. The idea of something so rigid and heavy resting on something so soft and light creates the illusion of what we see today in the world. The hard resting on the soft. Why do we create problems and then try to solve it? I urge the viewers to look beyond the aesthetics onto the bigger problem within. Placing the viewers in a chaotic environment forces them to look at an object so familiar to them in a different light.

Artist Information for Priyanka Muthuraman

Sculpture Details:

Price: $1,000.00 SOLD
Width: 0 selectedFeetHeight: 5 selectedFeet
Type: Tri Dimensional Object Art
State: Limited Edition
Sculptor Register #: A548
Sculpture Certification #: B9002023

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