Visual Force
by Robin Antar


Share the experience of my unbalanced vision. This is an extraordinary art gift rather than an affliction which gives my sculptures an uncommon perspective, jarring color, and anomalous form. Aesthetic beauty and superficial thought don?t concern me. I share my fundamental feelings and basic sensations. A simple headache, for example, can infuse the art with pained lines and mysterious tensions. My moods are as contagious as laughter, and as perplexing as human nature. My images are visualized and Sculpted from the inside out, rather than the outside in. The subject matter is my upper torso within my immediate line of vision. The interaction between my nose and cheekbone assumes magnified importance when seen at such close range. The texture varies from gritty and annoying to smooth and soft. The grid format creates planes that shift in perspective and abstract the subject matter. The stones I used are tan, therefore allowing me to have total control of the colors I select as tints. I do not tint the stones for beauty but rather to point out the statement being made. The color differentiation are harsh to intensify the plane and add conflict to the composition.

Artist Information for Robin Antar

Sculpture Details:

Price: Inquire for Price
Width: 20 FeetHeight: 17 Feet
Depth: 7 FeetWeight: 0 lbs
Type: Abstract Sculpture
Materials: Limestone, Stone
Subjects: Contemporary
Colors: Blue (light), Cinnamon , Green (light)
Sculptor Register #: A127
Sculpture Certification #: B9000529

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