Boomers Nike
by Tj Aitken


Boomer's Nike 1996 Edition of 8 (original pictured cast concrete and fiberglass with corian finish) Cast Concrete , 250 Lbs. 94 X 80 X 24 $9800 Background: Originally a study for the more ambitious "57 Descending" this piece stood on it's own quite well. It started the Nike series of several classic car reconstructions. A full size piece in fiberglass created in 1996 from all four corners of the famous 57 Chevy, mounted on a concrete base. Tj can cast one for you in light weight concrete in one of several colors: White with granite fleck, Beige with oxide patina, Dark grey with white stone aggregate or custom color The original (pictured) was molded and used for the full size cement version of the 57 Descending in 2010. This work has been shown around the Midwest since 2001. The 24inch and small maquettes were done after this piece was created. 24 inch versions are available in Bronze and Concrete. The art story: Nike, goddess of victory was a prized antique collectable but usually only in components like a wing or torso. The Baby Boom generation's favorite collectable was reduced to it's design components in winged form. A layout was being done for the 24 inch version when a friend offered a 57 Chevy to take molds from. (That was all Tj needed to be into full size). Related Pieces; 57 descending, the other Nikes: Bird, Bug, Road Rocket, Buzz Around, and the one off wooden "Skirted Jazz Nike".

Artist Information for Tj Aitken

Sculpture Details:

Price: $9,800.00
Width: 80 InchesHeight: 94 Inches
Depth: 25 InchesWeight: 280 lbs (approx)
Type: Abstract Sculpture Ed No. 8  Year: 1996
State: Public Art, Commission
Materials: Granite, Glass, Concrete
Subjects: Monument, Historical, Automobile
Colors: White, Tan, Black
Options: Reductions (size), Patinas, Custom Colors
Sculptor Register #: A225
Sculpture Certification #: B9000825

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