Artist Statement      Tj.  Aitken
My art stems from the intense changes wrought by our modern machines on the human condition.  I depict these in allegory, sculpted 3D or relief.  The works are tied to a historical perspective from 20th,21st century.  Small studies tend to be portraits of form, like small sentences in a paragraph touching a larger subject. I seek to tell historical stories as sculpture.   I believe intensely in analysis of form as the construct for offering the viewer an experience at several levels, should he pause and ponder. I hope to give all viewers something, regardless of their art understanding. For specific commissioned work I methodically research the site, develop themes, and create proposals with visuals on materials, placement and details. 
Moving into larger work has brought the study of lightweight architectural cement. Aggregates and color allow me to do “stone paintings” like 3D frescos.   I’m constantly exploring what can be done with this versatile material.  I am a designer as much as sculptor and apply these methods to my art installations, books and workshops. I have been immensely blessed with time at the feet of Rodin, Brancusi, the deco artists, Henry Moore and a number of master design sculptors from the automobile industry in which I once worked. I hope to apply these lessons to my art for your enjoyment.