Thomas Edison
by Robert Toth


The American inventor Thomas Alva Edison was the greatest inventive genius in all history. He had patented more than a thousand inventions, among them the microphone, the phonograph, incandescent lamp and Kinetoscope. Having a sculpted portrait of him in your home or office will be a symbolic reminder of great American ingenuity. The artist Robert R. Toth collaborated with the inventor’s son, Theodore Edison, when creating the likeness. Around 1975, Toth met Theodore Edison, the last surviving Edison son, who helped Toth develop his portrait bust of Thomas Edison. This sculpture has been displayed at the Edison Historic Site, West Orange, NJ.

Artist Information for Robert Toth

Sculpture Details:

Price: $1,700.00
Width: 5.5 InchesHeight: 9 Inches
Depth: 4.5 InchesWeight: 35 lbs (approx)
Diameter: 10 Inches
Length: 12 Inches
Type: Representational Sculpture
State: Limited Edition
Materials: Bronze
Subjects: Bust, Historical, Sci-Fi
Colors: Bronze (medium)
Styles: Realism
Sculptor Register #: A477
Sculpture Certification #: B9001621

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