Terrible Lizard
by Martin Cooney


I was actually a little surprised at some of the blank looks I got when I told people the name of this piece. Some, a few, got it right away but others looked at me with a "what?" expression etched upon their face. So, OK, perhaps not everyone is familiar with the fact that Terrible Lizard is Latin for Dinosaur but you live and learn! The point is that this rather intimidating-looking beast shook off the mantle of his protective layer of marble as if hatching from a prehistoric egg, and from the moment I laid eyes on him (and his on me) the name was never in doubt. As the pictures suggest Terrible Liz (as she's know round these parts) gets around quite a bit and has been known to make more than a few people jump once they realize she has them locked in her icy cold stare. I like to move her around from time to time and as far as I can gather she quite likes it too! But be warned though... I'm looking for a good home for Liz. Don't keep her locked up in some stuffy room. She has been encased in marble for the past 35 million years and she doesn't take kindly to being cooped up in a stuffy room.

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Sculpture Details:

Price: $2,145.00
Width: 18 InchesHeight: 13 Inches
Length: 14 Feet
Type: Stylized Sculpture Ed No. 120805  Year: 2012
State: Public Art, Private
Materials: Marble
Subjects: Surreal, Reptiles, Garden, Conceptual, Animal, Whimsical
Colors: White, Silver-Gray
Sculptor Register #: A423
Sculpture Certification #: B9001274

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