Swan Wave
by Martin Cooney


Although she may look a tad fragile I'm here to tell you that Swan Wave is one tough cookie! Any swan that can thrive in temperatures and conditions such as we routinely see here in the Rocky Mountains is not a bird to be messed with. Not that swans are birds to be messed with, as anyone who has ever been confronted by one of these indignant beasts can readily testify - a step too close to their nest (and don't even THINK of nearing their young!) and its all beaks and wings and, well, just don't get too close in the first place, that's all I can say. But Swan Wave doesn't mind how close you get to her - step right up and pet her, she actually loves it. But looking at her you'd never imagine the immense and oddly shaped block of 35 million year old marble she was hatched from. You can see it for yourself if you log on to martincooney.com and enter Swan Wave in the search box. Of course I had no idea I was carving a swan at the outset but once that little dot of an eye appeared I instantly knew I had a feisty long necked bird on my hand. I'd say she's equally at home inside or out but if I'm honest I think perhaps she is most in her element out of doors - though she's always game for a the odd adventure indoors, perhaps beside a roaring fire. But be warned, I'm looking for a good home for Ol' Swanny... a nice little patch of tall grass, some water and she'll be happy as a lark. No basements or windowless rooms under any circumstances! Swan Wave is one of 41 sculptures split and carved from a single 10 ton slab of Colorado Yule Marble to create The Maiden Collection. Please visit martincooney.com and enter Swan Wave in the search box to view an extensive gallery of the completed sculpture along with detailed photos of the carving process. As with all my collection sculpture Swan Wave has its Serial Number (120806), along with my mark, engraved on the underside of its base.

Artist Information for Martin Cooney


Sculpture Details:

Price: $2,420.00
Width: 12 InchesHeight: 14 Inches
Length: 20 Inches
Type: Stylized Sculpture Ed No. 120806  Year: 2012
State: Private, Public Art
Materials: Stone, Marble
Subjects: Whimsical, Water Fowl , Nature, Garden, Contemporary, Collectible, Birds
Colors: White, Gray
Options: Free Standing
Sculptor Register #: A423
Sculpture Certification #: B9001263

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