by Barry W. Sheehan


This piece tells a story about seeking success in a chosen endeavor. The idea is to start moving and create momentum. When adversity strikes don't stop, don't fall instead catch your balance, keep your focus and continue moving ahead. This piece was first made with steel using traditional blacksmithing techniques. The steel was first cut and then heated to a bright orange heat. While hot the steel was shaped using hammers and other hand tools. The original was then cast in bronze. The bronzes are a series of 20 and six have been sold.

Artist Information for Barry W. Sheehan

Sculpture Details:

Price: $2,500.00
Width: 15 InchesHeight: 26 Inches
Depth: 12 InchesWeight: 0 lbs
Type: Representational Sculpture Ed No. 20  Year: 2009
State: Private, Limited Edition
Materials: Wrought Iron, Steel, Metal, Bronze
Subjects: Statue, Movement, Man, Indoor, Contemporary, Abstract
Colors: Bronze (medium), Black
Sculptor Register #: A341
Sculpture Certification #: B9001104

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