I create sculptures that span time and generations. I want my work to be as relevant today as they would have been yesterday and will be tomorrow. I am inspired by the banalities of life, the simple that we have had to do and cope with since the dawn of human kind. I enjoy using iconic imagery but my primary focus is the human figure. Our intimate familiarity with the figure allows me to arrest the attention of the audience. I then abstract the figure to ecourage an interaction between the audiences imagination and the sculpture.

     My materials, sheet steel or copper, are not traditionally used for modern sculpture. The traditional blacksmithing techniques I employ to shape the metals have been used for thousands of years allowing me to combine the ancient and the modern. Some of my sculptures are created to appear as though they were buried for thousands of years then newly discovered others appear to be so familiar that they seem to have always existed. Each piece I create is part of a single on going work. As a highly skilled blacksmith I can move metal in any way I desire but I also enjoy letting the metal have its own voice. Every time I strike the metal with a hammer it moves in both predictable and unpredictable ways. Using the unpredicted movements of the metal to my advantage in the creation of a sculpture allows an exciting inteaction between my materials and myself.