Armenian Historical Silver Chess Set
by Tigran Sarkisyan


ARMENIAN HISTORICAL STERLING SILVER CHESS SET. During many thousands of years Armenia was handled by many kingdoms. Armenia had a big culture. On this chess set is described almost all the big kingdoms in Armenia. The beginning of the kingdom is Van Araratian, Yervandouny 620 B.C., Artashesian 180 B.C - 64 A.D., Arshakouny 64 - 422 A.D., Bagradouny 885 - 1045 A.D., Roubenian 1045 - 1375 A.D.. All of the kingdoms symbols are described on the king and queens throne. The clothing style is matched with its certain period of time. The chess set is based on historical books. The chess set is made of sterling silver and embellished with rose gold.Also availabe in Bronze. Price varies depending on the type of material and stones.Order takes about 5-7 weeks for shipping and handling.Please contact us for more information.

Artist Information for Tigran Sarkisyan
818. 247.0873

Sculpture Details:

Price: $85.00
Width: 3 InchesHeight: 7 Inches
Type: Ed No. 3  Year: 2012
Materials: Silver
Subjects: Chess Set
Colors: Silver
Options: Patinas
Sculptor Register #: A176
Sculpture Certification #: B9000752

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