Adam and Eva - Sterling Silver Egg
by Tigran Sarkisyan


*ADAM AND EVA* STERLING SILVER EGG. The first part of the egg depicts Adam and Eve in Paradise, as eve gives Adam an apple as advised by the snake; and on the cap of the egg three angels toss flowers on Adam and Eve. The second part of the egg depicts Adam and Eve in temptation outside of paradise and on top of the cap; three other angels shoot arrows at them from an archery bow. The inside of the egg consists of our mother earth, which moves in circles when the egg is opened. Price varies depending on the type of stones. Order takes about 5-7 weeks for shipping and handling.

Artist Information for Tigran Sarkisyan
818. 247.0873

Sculpture Details:

Price: $9,000.00
Width: 0 FeetHeight: 6 Inches
Type: Ed No. 2  Year: 2012
Materials: Silver
Colors: Silver
Options: Patinas
Sculptor Register #: A176
Sculpture Certification #: B9000754

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