Tigran Sarkisyan possesses a masterful skill in shaping three-dimensional figures. His works brilliantly display movement, drama and excitement.

Tigran Sarkisyan was born on August 27, 1962 in Yerevan, Armenia. After graduating high school he was accepted to the Polytechnic Institute with a full scholarship. His major was architecture, industrial, and civil construction. In 1990 he became a member of the Ministry of culture of Armenia Republican Scientific Methodical center of Folk Art. When he came to America in 1991 he joined many art exhibitions and his love for designing and sculpting grew stronger.

Tigran’s work was soon acknowledged by famous people. He made a necklace called Cleopatra for Elizabeth Taylor. The necklace which appeared in the movie Cleopatra illustrates a part of world history. He also made a medallion set for the Russian Patriarch Alexey the Second.

Today, Armenians, Americans, Japanese and other cultural icons are wearing Tigran’s created jewelry. These icons include famous rock singers and musicians.

He has currently made over ten exquisite types of chess sets. Most of the chess sets are made of silver and are gold plated, while others are pewter with copper plate.

In 2001, Tigran created a monumental sculpture dedicated to the 1700th Anniversary of Armenian Christianity entitled, St. Gregory the Illuminator-301. This monument is now located in Holy Etchmiadzin in the Alex Manoogian Museum.

While he was working on the monument, he was also creating egg shaped figures made out of silver. The 12 figures are based on and symbolize the bible, from the old testimony to the new testimony. One of the 12 eggs entitled, The Historical Armenian Egg describes in artistic detail how Christianity began in Armenia.

In April 2005, he finished another memorial monument entitled Armenians were, are, and will be.

The Monument is dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and is located in Armenia at the Armenian Genocide Museum/Institute Tsitsernakaberd of Yerevan. Tigran is still active in pursuing fabulous new creations. In the future he has plans on making a monument based on the Armenian writer, singer, songwriter Sayiad Nova and on the Armenian Epic Sasna Tsrer.