by KrisAnn Ehrich


Apollyon Angel of the Abyss, is both mythological pariah and angel of light and darkness in the Book of Revelation, he appears as Abaddon, keeper of the key to the bottomless pit, this work , draws on Greek mythology to portray Apollyon, the winged reaper, in contemplative mood, burdened with the weight of the souls already claimed and the unborn whose souls are yet to be claimed.

Artist Information for KrisAnn Ehrich

0407 776 034

Sculpture Details:

Price: $9,500.00
Width: 15 InchesHeight: 34 Inches
Depth: 7 InchesWeight: 90 lbs (approx)
Diameter: 15 Inches
Length: 15 Inches
Type: Ed No. 8  Year: 2010
Materials: Granite, Bronze
Subjects: Religious, Mythology, Man, Figurative
Colors: Green, Gold, Burnished Finish, Bronze (medium)
Sculptor Register #: A228
Sculpture Certification #: B9000809

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