Spiky Cocoon II (version 2)
by Fiona Campbell


Based on a cocoon form in nature, this is part of a series of cocoon-inspired pieces - some more abstract. I am interested in woven forms, their functions and the instinctive process of weaving. My work reflects an interest in nature?s cyclical persistence, vitalism and the essence of life. I create mixed media sculptures wrought as primal, linear, nest-like structures often in an apparent state of emergence, growth or metamorphosis. A mix of delicate and strong, earthy and ethereal, they are often an extension of my drawings.

Artist Information for Fiona Campbell

(01749) 880394

Sculpture Details:

Price: £370.00
Width: 28 CentimetersHeight: 0 Meters
Length: 175 Centimeters
State: Private
Materials: Wire, Wire Mesh
Subjects: Organic , Nature, Insect
Colors: Cinnamon , Copper, Orange, Red
Sculptor Register #: A221
Sculpture Certification #: B9000778

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