by Fiona Campbell


A larger than life scrap steel sculpture of a heron, installed in Stourhead National Trust Estate, Wiltshire, UK for a specific narrative sculpture trail in 2011 (by my Scraptors sculpture group). Made from various found and recycled steel parts, including old tools, horseshoes, grills and machinery. Now sold.

Artist Information for Fiona Campbell

(01749) 880394

Sculpture Details:

Price: £2,800.00 SOLD
Width: 2 MetersHeight: 2 Meters
Depth: 2 MetersWeight: 0 kgs
State: Public Art
Materials: Welded Steel
Subjects: Wildlife, Water Fowl , Nature, Birds
Colors: Weathered Steel
Sculptor Register #: A221
Sculpture Certification #: B9000777

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