Man models himself on Earth, Earth on Heaven
by Fiona Campbell


My work reflects an interest in our relationship with the natural world, nature?s cyclical persistence, vitalism and the essence of life. I work in a linear way, constructing drawings in space. Instinctive building processes such as wrapping, weaving and layering become a form of 3d mark making. I create mixed media sculptures wrought as primal, linear, nest-like structures often in an apparent state of emergence, growth or metamorphosis. A mix of delicate and strong, earthy and ethereal, they are often an extension of my drawings. This piece is made in 3 sections, which bolt together. It?s my tallest piece to date (3.6m high) - designed so I can carry it and transport it with no help. It has a loose quality, like a 3-d sketch - something I am trying to retain in recent work. The raw energy, longevity and varied patinas of steel, copper, wire, found and recycled materials combine well with the concept of reusing things, giving them a rebirth and the playfulness of creating forms from given shapes. I am a scraptor at heart!

Artist Information for Fiona Campbell
(01749) 880394

Sculpture Details:

Price: £2,900.00
Width: 1 MetersHeight: 4 Meters
Depth: 1 MetersWeight: 0 kgs
Type: Stylized Sculpture
State: Private
Materials: Wire, Welded Steel
Subjects: Tree, Organic , Man, Growth
Colors: Weathered Steel , Rust, Copper, Black
Sculptor Register #: A221
Sculpture Certification #: B9000775

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