by Claudia Cohen


Screwball I 10"x14"x8", Ed. 20 Everyone has a screwball in their life! This one is a happy bronze man in motion... A future public artwork, perhaps...Can you imagine a 15' version in front of City Hall? I can. Screwball II 10"x14"x8", Ed. 20 For those of you who like to play with your art, on this version, of Screwball, the wheels have axles, and actually turn. This piece was a spin off of a previous ceramic work entitled "Just Plain Screwy." That piece, a sort of Gulliver's travel-like fantasy portrait unleashed a torrent of screw-nosed creatures on wheels battling each other. It also appeared in the art book, Humor in Art by Nicholas Roukes, where it was characterized as an example of comic surrealism

Artist Information for Claudia Cohen

Sculpture Details:

Price: Inquire for Price
Width: 10 InchesHeight: 14 Inches
Depth: 10 InchesWeight: 0 lbs
Type: Stylized Sculpture Ed No. 20  Year: 2009
State: Private
Materials: Bronze, Granite
Subjects: Surreal, Mask, Kinetic, Expressive, Contemporary, Bust
Colors: Multi-Color
Sculptor Register #: A195
Sculpture Certification #: B9001229

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