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Whitewater Sculpture Walk

WHITEWATER, WI - Whitewater is racking up reasons for people to make the city a destination for a summer art walk.

For many people, the annual public art exhibition will top their lists of things to see this summer. And for many of them, the display of more than a dozen sculptures on the UW-Whitewater campus and in downtown Whitewater will be added to their lists.

The Whitewater Arts Alliance and the UW-Whitewater College of Arts and Communication recently started promoting a self-guided walking tour of sculptures in the city called Sculpture Whitewater.

"We knew we had so many beautiful things to look at, but we didn't know if people even knew where they were," said Roni Telfer, president of the arts alliance. "It got us thinking that we really ought to have something that would guide people to these pieces, give them a little background about them and make the city a walking destination."

The arts alliance and the college put together a brochure that highlights the 16 sculptures featured on the walking tour. The brochure includes the names of the works as well as a map showing their location.

The group launched a website that includes more information about the sculptures, including background notes about the artists.

UW-Whitewater students took photographs of the sculptures and did research about the pieces and their artists for the brochure and website.

Telfer said the promotional pieces are "an attempt to sort of tease people and say, 'Look what we've got here.'"

She said the walking tour, which includes well-known works, such as the Prairie Tillers Mural, and lesser-known works, such as "Thought Patterns" in Upham Hall, showcases "hidden in view" gems.

"There are so many pieces around that are treasures we forget we have here."

Spatial Thoughts on Sculpture by Bill West
Kudos to Whitewater and all involved - Sculpture can make walks so much more enjoyable!

Whitewater Wisconsin Sculpture Walk
Whitewater Wisconsin Sculpture Walk
Whitewater Wisconsin Sculpture Walk

Whitewater Wisconsin Sculpture Walk Whitewater Wisconsin Sculpture Walk Whitewater Wisconsin Sculpture Walk