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Tom Holmes Sculpture

Summit Public Art welcomes sculptures by Tom Holmes

SUMMIT - Two new sculptures have been installed on Summit's Village Green, Edge of Decision and Star Burst, by renowned sculptor Tom Holmes. The two pieces are the latest installations of artwork by Summit Public Art.

Tom Holmes is an artist, sculptor and musician who lives and works in Pennsylvania. "I am drawn to working in the six elements of stone, metal, wood, light, ice and water. They give me the ability to work intuitively. All possibilities can exist briefly before I impose parameters with regard to my emotional and intellectual contexts," he explains. His large body of work has been exhibited throughout the eastern United States.

"We are honored to bring Tom Holmes' work to our community and share in the excitement of such a talented artist," said Marie Cohen, who serves on the Art Subcommittee. "We are also looking forward to getting another sculpture of Tom's that will go in the Beechwood Road Mini-park, as part of our effort to display art in the downtown and in other parts of the city" Marie added. Summit's Village Green is now "home" to several sculptures, making it a destination for art lovers who wish to enjoy outdoor sculpture. Richard Pitts, Howard Kalish, Ava Blitz, Boaz Vaadia, and Charlie Hewitt are represented along with Tom Holmes. The nine works span the spectrum between representational and abstract art and are constructed from wood, metal, stone and concrete. They will remain on the Village Green for several months.

Since 2004, Summit Public Art has installed more than forty works of contemporary sculpture at various public locations around the city. These locations include the grounds of City Hall, various parks and open spaces, and downtown mini parks. Summit Public Art has also completed three permanent installations, the faceted glass windows in the bus shelters along Broad Street. Another permanent sculpture will be installed in East Summit, along Broad Street, this spring, a Gateway Tree sculpture welcoming people to Summit.

Summit Public Art, also known as the Mayor's Partnership for Summit Arts, receives no public funding. In addition to arts grants, all monies raised come from private contributions.

Spatial Thoughts on Sculpture by Bill West
Tom Holmes sculpture is so vivid. I know it's a funny word to describe sculpture, but that's what comes to mind when viewing his vast collection of creative sculptures. Yea, sure the colors are vivid on some of his pieces, but the shapes, designs, subject matter and creativity are also vivid! When Marie Cohen of their Arts Sub committee said "We are honored to bring Tom Holmes' work to our community and share in the excitement of such a talented artist," no truer words could be spoken!
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Tom Holmes sculpture
"Edge of Decision" by Tom Holmes