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Sargent Johnson Sculpture


A University accidentally sold a $1 MILLION sculpture for little more than $150

UC Berkeley is feeling the heat for a massive mistake that led them to sell an incredibly valuable piece of art for less than the price of an iPod Touch.

The piece is a redwood carving from famous artist Sargent Johnson, one of the first African American sculptors from California to achieve wide renoun for his work.

The pieceo of art was a pipe organ covering that was forgotten in storage after Berkeley took over the building it was housed in. An art dealer paid exactly $164.63 for the piece.

Later, the piece was being sold at around $1 million, to the Huntington Library of San Marino. Even the smallest Sargent Johnson works have reached prices of over $100,000.

Spatial Thoughts on Sculpture by Bill West
OMG! We don't know the name of the piece, but I wonder if UC Berkeley knows the name if they sold it for $164.63!

Sargent Johnson Sculpture
Sargent Johnson Sculpture - sculpture