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Plamen Yardanov Sculpture

Plamen Yardanov Sculpture
Artist agrees to lease his "Double Mobius Strip"
sculpture to the village for another 36 months.
(Dennis Sullivan)
by Dennis Sullivan

Lease for 'Double Mobius Strip' sculpture to be extended

A lull in demand for oversized outdoor art could mean the metal sculpture at Ravinia Avenue and 114th Place remains in place for three more years.

The Village Board's Parks and Recreation Committee on Monday endorsed leasing for an additional 36 months the sculpture "Double Mobius Strip," which has anchored the southwest corner for the past five years. The lease ended in May.

Assistant Village Manager Ellen Baer told the three-trustee committee Sculptor Plamen Yardanov had changed his mind about extending the five-year lease after finding interest in outdoor art had cooled.

Yardanov wants another $2,500 from the village, for a total of $5,000, but would apply it to the purchase price if the village opts to own it.

"He'll take $25,000," Baer said, referring to the purchase price.

"Double Mobius Strip" is displayed as part of the village's Art in the Park program, which attempts to use different forms of art to enhance municipal parks and public areas. The "WhatKnot" sculpture on the west side of 14800 S. Ravinia is also a temporary exhibit.

Permanent sculptures on display in Orland Park include the John Humphrey Statue and "Ara Pace" sculpture.

The program is funded through donations generated by the annual village golf outing.

Spatial Thoughts on Sculpture by Bill West
Plamen Yardanov, an exceptionally talented sculptor. I sure hope the village can enjoy the wonderful treasure they have in 'Double Mobius Strip' for many, many years to come!.