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Peter Randall-Page Sculpture

Ridge and Furrow

Ridge and Furrow 2011 granite 180 x 348 x 219 cm Peter Randall-Page has mapped the entire surface of the naturally eroded boulder with a continuous and endless ridge flanked by 'V' shaped grooves or furrows, using an ordering principle that derives from a chemical phenomena of patterns formed when two liquids that dont mix are put under pressure. He has introduced an axis of symmetry through the length of the stone. The ridge must cross this axis twice in order to be continuous; the pattern is mirrored imaged, but because the rock itself is asymmetrical the pattern becomes distorted. Like the hemispheres of the brain; cleft, yet connected in its labyrinthine convolutions. Commissioned by The University of Iowa, USA it is situated on the T. Anne Cleary Walkway.

Womb Tomb

Womb Tomb 2000 granite 230 (h) x 335 (l) 270 (w)cm 213 (d) x 270 (l) x 230 (w) cm Enabled by Sculpture at Goodwood, 'Womb Tomb' was cut from an enormous granite boulder in Southern Germany. The two halves have been hollowed out and carved into concentric rib like rings on their internal surfaces. One half sits horizontally like a cave the other is sunk vertically into the ground like a well. 'Womb Tomb' was acquired by a private collector and permanently sited in 2001. Not open to the public.

Spatial Thoughts on Sculpture by Bill West
Sculptor Peter Randall-Page, words don't really expound on his sculptural stone/rock creations. I believe Peter lets his work do the talking, and talk they do! When I experience his sculptures, I just stare and stare... I think I'd be real happy just having them around me all the time, like they are a part of my life. The message and design work well exceptionally with the time theme, as they should be around for centuries!

Peter Randall-Page Sculpture
Click here to view above sculpture larger

Peter Randall-Page Sculpture
Click here to view above sculpture larger