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Larry Halbert "Growing Together" Sculpture

Chicago Tribune

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- A 15-ton marble sculpture is being unveiled at a west side Detroit park.

The city says that after the "Growing Together" statue is unwrapped Friday afternoon, residents will be encouraged to join a weekend effort to clean up Rouge Park and the Rouge River.

The sculpture was inspired by growth in the area near the park and Cody High School. The marble was quarried in Dorset Mountain in Vermont.

It is one of several community art projects supported by the Skillman, Kresge and JPMorgan Chase foundations.

Artist Larry Halbert says the piece expresses an effort "to raise hope and continue to grow together as a community."

Spatial Thoughts on Sculpture by Bill West
There was a song a few decades ago by Jackie DeShannon titled "What the World Needs Now is Love" - I would like to add or modify that a bit "What the World Needs Now is Sculpture" that gives us societal meaning. Maybe a stretch, but maybe not... Thank you Larry Halbert for the incredible Monument and kudos to the Skillman, Kresge and JP Morgan Chase foundations for their wisdom and funding.

Larry Halbert Growing Together Sculpture

Larry Halbert Growing Together Sculpture

Larry Halbert Growing Together Sculpture