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Kraig Richard Sculpture

Couple Wheels and Glass and you have Sculpture on the go!

Kraig discovered hot glass in college while studying in aquaculture physics, and alternative energy. His thesis forecast technological advances in sculpture process methodologies. Kriag said "I Missed out on acquiring a separate large debt by not getting accepted into grad school". He has been a glass studio owner operator since 1982 in Vermont.

"Similar to the waiter/actor in L.A., I am construction worker/artist, primarily industrial and municipal plumbing, pipefitting, and welding. This work often in a factories, is affording continuing processes education."

His expierence in design and construction oversight of glass and heat treating equipment for concerns on both the East Coast and South East Asia have used facets of metallurgy, high temperature material, burner technology have served him well.

"After 30 years I finally evolved a series of processes that is allowing me a chance for realization of glass motorcycles worthy to step out with. By marrying a centuries old Venetian glassblowing technique with Henry Fords production methods, there has come an opportunity."

"Returning from an Indy event in Montreal our son suggested I make him a race car with tooling and parts from the motorcycle project, which is the origin of how this piece came about. With positive response to the F1 now rolling in, I plan on taking it to the next level of precision and grace. In the coming months I plan on renting studio time further research and development of this style automotive direction, with potential for a limited series being produced."

Spatial Thoughts on Sculpture by Bill West
Kraig Richard proves not only hard work, but time and experience all work together to create sculpture. I really like, not only his work, but his dedication and experience making it so unique! Only goes to show what a sculptor goes through in bringing the world something that fills not only space, but also fills the space in our minds. We all have sculptors to thank for that!

Kraig Richard Sculpture
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