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Jamie Pickernell Sculpture at Auckland Botanic Gardens

Jamie Pickernell Sculpture
PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Auckland Botanic Gardens services manager
Micheline Newton makes friends with Jamie Pickernell's work Bird Lady.

It's official - Auckland Botanic Gardens is one of the hottest attractions in town and the biennial Sculpture in the Gardens exhibition is one of the reasons why.

Around 360,000 visitors passed through the gates this summer to see the third outdoor exhibition.

It opened in October and closed on February 12.

Gardens' visitor services manager Micheline Newton says figures are still to be confirmed but the final number is expected to be around 20,000 more than the 2009/2010 exhibition.

"We have had a steady flow of people through - both regulars and first-time visitors," she says.

"In the last 11 days alone, more than 35,000 made the most of the sunshine and final days of the show."

At the event's closing celebrations, the winner of the People's Choice Award, a $5000 award sponsored by the Friends of the Auckland Botanic Gardens, was also announced.

Winner Jamie Pickernell from Rotorua says he was delighted to be a part of the exhibition for a second time and to show his work to such a varied audience.

Mr Pickernell's sculpture Bird Lady, a galvanized steel bird with human-like features sitting on a park bench, was voted the people's choice winner. It will remain on site and join the gardens' permanent sculpture collection as part of the Friends' annual birthday gift bequest.

Spatial Thoughts on Sculpture by Bill West
Jamie Pickernell, a multi-tlaented sculptor. See sculpture image below - I so enjoy his creations!

Jamie Pickernell Sculpture
"Argus" by Jamie Pickernell