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Franco Castelluccio Sculpture

The latest work "The Double Helix XX-XY" created by Franco Castelluccio

Biography It only takes one glance to see in the sculpture of Franco Castelluccio the work of a true master. Mr. Castelluccio was in his twenties before he touched his first piece of clay. His life was never the same, his inspiration seemed to spring from a newly awoken passion within. Today his works are sought after by art collectors from around the world. His work is in turn whimsical and romantic, turbulent and heroic. His s sculptures seem about to move at any moment. With the soul of a poet, Mr. Castelluccio takes many of his subjects from great works of literature and the most stirring stories of ancient Greek and Roman mythology and credits among his early influences Carpeaux, Bernini, and he says "of course Michelangelo". "Years spent at the art students league in NYC, creating anatomical drawings, provided me with the foundation necessary to have freedom to create the human figure from within," says Castelluccio of his early years as an artist. "To not be confined to what I can see in a model before me, but rather to have the command to create what I know . . . is the essence of a good sculptor." The Double Helix - Mutation of Increased Compassion Franco Castelluccio's work has all the earmarks of monumental sculpture while still maintaining the intimacy and close attention to detail usually attributed to beloved smaller pieces.

For his newest work "The Double Helix XX-XY" Castelluccio, taking cues from the Renaissance sculptors of old, addresses the realm of Science confronting Art within the numinous yet potent physicality of large-scale figurative sculpture. His inspiration: "Certainly one of the most amazing aspects of DNA is its ability to adapt; whether by intelligent design or by chance. Without this characteristic of mutation we would still only be a simple congress of microorganisms.......and there would be no Art as we know it." His sculpture "The Double Helix XX-XY" imagines an animated strand of DNA; each of its gene segments able to produce a representation of a human male or female. The bodies grasp each other forming the two polymers that spiral upwards, attracting and polarizing each other, calling to mind the ancients' representations of Metamorphoses. Castelluccio defines this metamorphoses or mutation taking place as one of increased compassion between beings, which ultimately produces stronger, happier, individuals. "Perhaps "survival of the fittest" can evolve into "endurance of the compassionate". When a genuine concern for one another will supersede the compulsion for competition and thereby ensure the survival of humankind." Contemplating the piece, a viewer is drawn into the sense of balance between the two bands of the enormous Helix. The bodies seem to lift effortlessly upwards, defying their medium. Each genetic 'segment' maintains the individuality of its 'person' yet rather than being isolated by their differences, contribute to shaping a greater whole. Franco Castelluccio's piece "The Double Helix XX-XY" not only adroitly merges a classical style with postmodernism, it also brings into question what will be the significant issues of this millennium; What is humankind evolving towards? and, How do we promote the healing that will be necessary to assist this evolution?

Spatial Thoughts on Sculpture by Bill West
When Franco sent us his latest work - I just said whoa... This piece has message, beauty and a well thought-out design. This maquette "The Double Helix XX-XY" can be made in a 23 foot high version, sure to enamor people wherever it is placed!

Franco Castelluccio  Sculpture
"The Double Hellix-Mutation of Increased Compassion" by Franco Castelluccio