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Deedee Morrison Sculpture

A Matter of Fiction installed at the Fairhope Public Library February 17, 2012

According to the artist, A Matter of Fiction is an intriguing sculpture, constructed using ten sheets of three-quarter inch industrial grade Corten steel. "The metal is gracefully bent to resemble the open pages of a book, with the jacket intricately laser engraved to emulate the scroll patterns of a renaissance manuscript. The cover panels are a light box that will illuminate the sculpture from within and cast a warm glow on the interior pages of the book at night."

A Matter of Fiction is a visual metaphor for the many journeys of enlightenment a reader can take with a book, Morrison said. "The written word is the light of inspiration that allows the reader to travel the across the universe. This sculpture is based on a wonderful literary tradition that has been carried down from the Middle Ages and Renaissance-that books are meant to preserve information and knowledge in a community

"We are thrilled to install Deedee Morrison's illuminated sculpture to the grounds of the Fairhope Public Library," said Tamara Dean, Director of the Fairhope Library. "The facilities are centrally located in downtown Fairhope and will provide the perfect backdrop to reveal this structures' complexity and scale. The Fairhope Public Library provides a sense of locality for our people and its history and plays an active role in our community. A Matter of Fiction is set to become a welcoming icon to visitors to the center."

Deedee Morrison is an artist specializing in large public works made of aluminum, steel, limestone, Lucite and solar powered light. Her sculptures have been exhibited and installed in permanent displays nationwide. Her sculpture studio is in a turn of the century steel foundry and limestone quarry and her work is heavily influenced by the setting as she juxtaposes the industrial with the natural environment.

Spatial Thoughts on Sculpture by Bill West
Deedee Morrison has given us all yet another well executed sculpture. She is a landmark sculptor in every sense of the word. I just wish my library growing up had a book out front like her sculpture for the Fairhope Public Library!

Deedee Morrison Sculpture
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Deedee Morrison Sculpture
"A Matter of Fiction" by Deedee Morrison
Fairhope Public Library
Fairhope, Alabama
February 2012 - 5ft x 8ft x 8ft - Corten Steel and Lucite with Interior Light
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Deedee Morrison Sculpture
Click here to view above sculpture larger