Visions II
by Magels Landet


"Connected Visions": "The eyes are the intelligent windows of our body". The rhythm of the stylised conceptual shapes with their apertures that beckon like eyes or tubular windows, offering a clean continuity in the experimentation of plastic space, which were created over the past few years. The parts sometimes make up subsets which can be broken down and moved, articulating or disintegrating themselves into new configurations, which this hightlight their sense of spatial mobility

Artist Information for Magels Landet

Sculpture Details:

Price: $2,000.00
Width: 3 FeetHeight: 19 Inches
Length: 5 Feet
Type: Abstract Sculpture
State: Private
Materials: Iron
Subjects: Abstract
Colors: Brown (dark)
Sculptor Register #: A140
Sculpture Certification #: B9001218

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