1998-1999: Art and robotics installation: Entity in Space. "The Communicator". With the support of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Barcelona. Exhibition hall: North Campus. Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Barcelona.

Project selected in The Sixth Annual New York Digital Salon. Visual Arts Museum. New York. Itinerantly: The Fine Arts Circle. Madrid, Triennale of Milan, CCCB. Contemporary Cultural Centre of Barcelona, Sala Camp. Alicante, Kabildo. Las Palmas and Palace of Nations. Lisbon.
She exhibits the installation Sounds Totems in the context of the 5th Contemporary Music Festival. CCCB. Contemporary Cultural Centre of Barcelona.
Selected for the Visions de Futur 98 Barcelona exhibition with the art and robotics installation “Paths of Illusion” North Campus. Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Barcelona.
Selected for the Biennial 2000-2002 Bead International with the Art and Automation installation. The Dairy Barn. Ohio Cultural Arts Center. Athens. Ohio. USA, and itinerantly: The Mitchell Museum at Cedarhurst. Mt. Vemon, Illinois, The Holland Area Arts Council. Minnesota. Lore Degenstein Gallery. Selinsgrove. Pennsylvania, The Pratt Museum. Homer. The Fairbanks and University of Alaska Museum. Alaska

2003: Sculptural itinerancy for Alava. The Caja Vital Kutxa Foundation.

Exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation. Palace of the Heures. Barcelona.

During 2004 she participated in the exhibition "Catalonia-A meeting country", in the Moja Palace, Barcelona (FORUM 2004).

2005: Visions. Antonio de Barnola Gallery.
Participates in the Architectures exhibition. OB Art Gallery. Barcelona
She participated in the ARCO exhibition 04/05/06/07 with the Antonio de Barnola gallery.

2008: Public sculpture. ”Cosmic Opening” in Crinitz. Germany.

2009 Public sculpture. "COSMIC UNION". 25 years of sisterhood between the cities of Cologne and Barcelona. Köln-Kalk. Germany.
The Uptown Raw Space. Oakland Art Murmur. A Group Exhibition of Exquisite & Whimsical Sculptures. California.

2010: Pacific Rim Sculptors Group @ Cricket Engine Gallery. Curator Carin Adams. Oakland Museum of California.
Equinox-Photokina 2010. Cologne. Germany.
Eyes&leaves. Art People Gallery. San Francisco.

2011:Equinox. City council. Kalk-Köln. Germany.
Characters in the garden.Frauenmuseum. Bonn. Germany

2012: Ruth Bancroft Garden's 18th Annual Sculpture in the Garden.
Texas Contemporary Art Fair.Museum of the Americas.

2013: The Beverly Hills Award.Museum of the Americas.

Exhibition "2+1". Casa Central del Pintor.Moscow.

Exhibition "The eden seen by artists". G-8 Gallery.Moscow