by Jon Barlow Hudson


The first idea informing this stand of sculptures is the “continuum”, which I understand to imply a continuation of something thru time, space & in form. The 3D cross is indicative of the seven dimensions of space: as above, so below, fore & aft, right & left & of course, the center. From the center one moves out into the continuum of infinite space, as indicated by the 3D cross. The 3D cross is of interest to me because it refers to all the dimensions of space that one utilizes when making sculpture & doing Tai Chi, which I have practiced for 44 years. The second idea involved in this symposium of sculptures is the “uncarved block”, which derives from Zen Buddhism. It indicates the state of being one aspires to where one has returned to the state of mind that is a clean slate, like that of a child before self-consciousness takes over, or the state of a block of wood or stone before it is carved into something recognizable, like a Buddha

Sculpture Details:

Price: $10,000.00
Width: 14 InchesHeight: 18 Inches
Depth: 10 InchesWeight: 100 lbs (approx)
Type: Abstract Sculpture
State: Original
Materials: Granite
Subjects: Universe, Symbolic , Strong, Spiritual, Site-Specific, Outdoor, Nature, Monumental, Monument, Memorial, Maquette, Landscape, Geometric , Garden, Dimensional Art, Contemporary, Contemplative, Conceptual, Architectural, Abstract
Colors: Red
Styles: Unique, Modern, Minimalism, Cubism, Contemporary, Conceptual, Art Brut, Abstract
Sculptor Register #: A469
Sculpture Certification #: B9001981

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