A Triple Butterscotch Onyx Stone Flower Sculpture
by John Foster


A member of "The Rock 'N' Roses Collection," this triple Onyx Stone Rose Sculpture portrays the excitement of nature. As the meandering stems ascend skyward to the triple blossom crescendo, it can at first glance accent your visual World of the present with the rich timelessness of forever. The base is accented with small Peridot gemstone nuggets, a large butterscotch Carnelian gemstone, a dark Smokey Quartz gemstone, and a split Ammonite fossil...which in itself portrays the timelessness of our geological Earth. The leaves and stems are of treated brass and steel and the entire sculpture is coated with crystal clear Acrylic to protect from stains and to bring out the rich natural color of the stone. See other members of "The Rock 'N' Roses Collection" at http://www.johnfosterart.com.

Artist Information for John Foster


Sculpture Details:

Price: ยค 90,00
Width: 6 InchesHeight: 11 Inches
Length: 7 Inches
Type: Representational Sculpture
State: Private
Materials: Steel, Onyx, Marble, Gold, Copper, Brass
Subjects: Table-size Statues , Plant, Organic , Flower, Collectible
Colors: Tan, Silver-Gray, Green, Gold, Copper, Brown (light), Brown (dark)
Sculptor Register #: A269
Sculpture Certification #: B9001429

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