Sean Dyche Head in 5.5 hours
by John Adamson


I was asked by the landlady of the Royal Dyche pub in Burnley if I knew anything about football. I had just recently work out that I had successfully avoided football for 64 years, so could answer a definite NO. She had to explain who Sean Dyche was and the source of his fame. He is a football (soccer) manager and had brought tremendous success to a previously struggling Burnley Football Club. There was the stump of a pine tree in the pub grounds and she would like a portrait of Sean carved on it. She had a with a very small budget. The work took 5.5 hours. There was no time or opportunity to take all the photographs that normally be required for a portrait, so I had to work from published images sourced on Google. There was of course some fairly wild guesswork but it came right in the end.

Artist Information for John Adamson

Sculpture Details:

Price: Inquire for Price
Type: Representational Sculpture
State: Commission
Sculptor Register #: A528
Sculpture Certification #: B9001951

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