Th Narwhal
by Jason Nelson


This is one of my earlier sculptures that I hung on to for a while, but, I am now offering it for sale. It was carved from an exceptional Brazilian soapstone specimen. The whales tooth is carved from Mastodon fossil ivory and its eyes are labradorite. It is mounted on an agate/quartz specimen; one of the most interesting specimens that I found, while working as the resident sculptor at the Thunder Bay Agate Mine.

Artist Information for Jason Nelson

Sculpture Details:

Price: $1,295.00
Width: 8 InchesHeight: 12 Inches
Length: 23 Inches
Materials: Soapstone, Stone
Subjects: Wildlife, Marine Life
Colors: Brown (dark), Brown (light), Mottled, Red, White
Sculptor Register #: A124
Sculpture Certification #: B9000482

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