Running Hare
by Donald Gialanella


The Hare is an idealized image of speed and travel, adorable and unassuming. Representing a local inhabitant of the desert, the Hare is a symbol of ambition, energy, and virtue. Being made from repurposed steel, the sculpture serves as a touchstone for environmental and cultural awareness, as well as adding a wonderfully attractive element to the Kingman Route 66 environment. The sculpture incorporates car parts in its design as an homage to the automotive history of Route 66.

Artist Information for Donald Gialanella

Sculpture Details:

Price: $35,000.00
Width: 8 FeetHeight: 12 Feet
Depth: 3 FeetWeight: 800 lbs
Type: Representational Sculpture
State: Public Art
Materials: Welded Steel, Welded Metal, Steel, Stainless Steel
Subjects: Wildlife, Rabbit, Animal
Colors: Weathered Steel , Natural
Styles: Figurative
Sculptor Register #: A492
Sculpture Certification #: B9001716

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