by Sterett-Gittings Kelsey


A registered bronze maquette, limited edition of just 10 pieces. was inspired by Margot-Fonteyn and named after a childhood friend at The Rosemary Hall School. Email: Website: Tel: 860-350-4938

Artist Information for Sterett-Gittings Kelsey

Sculpture Details:

Price: $25,000.00
Width: 7.5 InchesHeight: 6 Inches
Length: 10 Inches
Type: Representational Sculpture Ed No. 10  
State: Limited Edition
Materials: Stainless Steel, Bronze
Subjects: Girl, Figurative, Female, Dance, Ballerina
Colors: Brown (dark), Black
Styles: Realism, Impressionism, Figurative
Sculptor Register #: A40
Sculpture Certification #: B9001629

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