Amnon and Tamar
by Shimon Drory


Amnon and Tamar (Lad & Maiden) "And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them: be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth." (Genesis ch' 9) Galilee stone (Gesher) 41 x 25 x 16 cm 16"H 10"W 6"D

Artist Information for Shimon Drory

Sculpture Details:

Price: $4,000.00
Width: 26 CentimetersHeight: 41 Centimeters
Depth: 16 CentimetersWeight: 15 kgs
Type: Abstract Sculpture Ed No. 1  Year: 1998
State: Public Art
Materials: Alabaster
Subjects: Surreal, People, Figurative, Abstract
Colors: White, Reflective, Gray
Sculptor Register #: A380
Sculpture Certification #: B9001149

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