Sharjah sky pods inventor looks to low-cost space journeys next
by Michael Kenny


Space travel could one day be as cheap as $100 – but it will not be in the form of conventional rockets launched from Earth, the designer of a new transport system has said. Unitsky String Technologies designed high-speed passenger pods, suspended on a track above the desert in Sharjah, as a working model to show the potential for string-rail transport. Anatoli Unitsky, the system’s general designer, was speaking about the technology at the Future Mobility Forum at Gitex 2021 and said his system has much greater potential than just passenger transport on Earth. Mr Unitsky was born in a village just seven kilometres from the site of the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, which left much of the area inhabitable due to radiation.


Published: 26/12/2018
Photographer (Artist): Michael Kenny
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