by J. Anne Butler


PURITY nude bronze sculpture of female form showing womankind in its purest from without the trapping of modern life or convention .............Of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit; to be comfortable in one's own skin. Cast in museum quality bronze. Please visit http://jannebutler.com/Purity.html fro further images. Contact jannebutler@msn.com for details.

Artist Information for J. Anne Butler


Sculpture Details:

Price: $15,000.00
Width: 14 InchesHeight: 20 Inches
Depth: 22 InchesWeight: 40 lbs (approx)
Type: Ed No. 3  Year: 2006
Materials: Bronze
Subjects: Woman, People, Figurative, Dimensional Art
Colors: Bronze (medium)
Options: Pedestals, Patinas, Enlargements (size), Custom Colors, Bases
Sculptor Register #: A351
Sculpture Certification #: B9001055

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