Autumn Leaves
by Fanny Christie


The sculpture is cast in bronze, installed permanently at the entrance of the Blairgowrie campus in Perthshire of Scotland. It was embedded with two diffusing convex lenses which magnify objects. The idea is to encourage pupils to discover and investigate nature around them more closely. This interactive element emphasizes the importance of children's learning experience and sense of curiosity. The position of the lenses on the sculpture creates a mapping of the old mills, the campus and the fish farm in relation to the River Ericht, connecting to the history and unique character of the surrounding area of the campus.

Artist Information for Fanny Christie

Sculpture Details:

Price: Inquire for Price
Width: 2 FeetHeight: 5 Feet
Depth: 2 FeetWeight: 200 lbs (approx)
Type: Stylized Sculpture
State: Public Art
Materials: Granite, Bronze
Subjects: Symbolic , Site-Specific, Plant, Outdoor, Nature, Narrative, Monumental, Environment Protection, Contemporary
Colors: Red, Brown (light), Bronze (medium)
Sculptor Register #: A307
Sculpture Certification #: B9001313

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