Body Beautiful
by Daniel Rollitt


This piece celebrates all the nuances of our bodies including scars, stretch marks, sagging, curves, and amputated limbs or amelia in an effort to combat body dysmorphia. Flashing and pits from the glass casting process are deliberately left exposed and are illuminated by light. Each person is unique and our so-called flaws tell the story of our lives. I hope this piece helps empower people to be happy with who they are. Our bodies are the ultimate form of self-expression.

Artist Information for Daniel Rollitt

Sculpture Details:

Price: Inquire for Price
Width: 0 CentimetersHeight: 15 Centimeters
Diameter: 5 Centimeters
Type: Representational Sculpture Ed No. 1  
State: Original
Materials: Glass
Subjects: Realistic, Nude, Figurative
Colors: Green
Options: Free Standing
Sculptor Register #: A578
Sculpture Certification #: B9002107

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